Testimonials from students

Our previous students have expressed their personal experience at UVA School. They have embraced their academic transformation going from students to leaders within throughout their educational journey at UVA School.

"My name is Jason Wang and I graduated from UVA in 2022. In my opinion, UVA is a great platform for students to not only improve their academic skills, but also develop their own personalities. During my time with UVA, I successfully received offers from several universities, including my dream university - The University of Waterloo. The learning platform used by UVA allowed me to access great teachers, even if they were in other countries. This guaranteed the educational resources and its quality; allowing for me to achieve my goals. Thank you UVA for helping me achieve my dreams!"
Jason Wang
University of Waterloo - Business
"I am a graduate of UVA School which is a great school that prepares you for University. For me the staff and students provided me a lot of help before I entered the university. The courses contents were able to make my adaptation to the study in university well. The teachers here will also give you individual tutorials to help you solve various problems. In addition, there is a good learning environment, you can make many friends here, they will work together with you towards attaining entrance into the university of your dreams."
Pule Liu
University of Ottawa
Amazing online environment! UVA School provides a very student focused, easy, and accessible platform for students. I am so happy with my marks and the help I got from my teachers.
Manuela Gonzales
UVA School has an amazing online platform for students! I love how user- friendly their website site is, and how the courses are operated online. The teachers and tutors really engage in your lessons and help you achieve all your academic goals! Highly recommend UVA School!
Jessica Kim
Vancouver, BC
Amazing online environment! UVA School provides a very student focused, easy, and accessible platform for students. I am so happy with my marks and the help I got from my teachers.
Samantha Walsh
"UVA School is a great stepping stone that helps students achieve success in an inclusive and interactive environment. The online platform for courses allowed me to develop my independent and self-directed learning skills, which will be invaluable for me in University and beyond. The degree and speed of learning is entirely up to the student which allowed me to go at my own pace, with access to my teachers at any time day or night for guidance or to answer pertinent questions. The learning environment encouraged me, and met my needs as a student; as well as helping decide my career path for my post-secondary adventure. I'd definitely recommend UVA School for an enriching and student centred education; the teachers and guidance counsellor really care for all their students"
Amber Wang
Graduate 2022 and Future Teacher
So happy that there is an online high school like UVA School, I was able to fast track for my final year!
Alexander Swartz
Calgary, Alberta
"I adapted very quickly to life as a Freshman in Canada quickly because I attended the UVA School, where they prepared me for the realities of University and studying abroad. UVA is a great school, where the teachers are very patient with the students, and care about not only their academic success, but their overall growth. Miss Murphy helped us practice speaking weekly and helped us with any problems with our homework to ensure that we not only got the grades we needed, but fully understood the content of what we were studying. I am so grateful to have such a kind and caring teacher who believed in me. That is what you get at UVA School, not just teachers, but teachers who care about your future. In short, my experience studying at UVA School laid a good foundation for both my academic and personal future, which makes my freshman year not so confusing and my confidence higher."
Zhengyang Yuan
Western University
UVA School has been an absolutely amazing experience for me. I have always found math to be a very challenging subject. With the extra help provided by my tutor at UVA School I was able to do extremely well on my final exams!
Harris Vides
Toronto, Ontario