Office Hours

If you need help from your instructor click the link during his/her classroom scheduled Office Hours

How it works !

Your best opportunity to ask your course related questions is in the office hours provided to you in the ZOOM course. You are also able to email or zoom message your instructors privately. If your question is not able to be answered in the zoom class then your instructor will ask that you email in. Please only email in regarding course content questions if your instructor tells you to. For any questions regarding technical issues with the course please email For any other questions regarding dropping or adding a course or anything to do with administration please
email or call us.


We have noticed that some students have not been following proper zoom etiquette. Please do not use offensive usernames when you login to a zoom class. This will not be tolerated and is grounds for expulsion.

Zoom Course etiquette

  1. We understand at the beginning a lot of you are going to have questions, please be patient and respectful to the teacher. 
  2. There is no swearing or use of any profanity on zoom or any section of the website including usernames. 
  3. NO BULLYING.. Grounds for EXPULSION. 
  4. When you enter the room type out your question in the chat box and send it. Do not just start talking, you may be interrupting the teacher. 
  5. Respect the Queue system (see below)

Queue System

At the beginning we know that there will be a lot of students with questions, because of this we are implementing a queue system for the way the classes will work. The basic instructions for this are as follows: 

  1.  When you enter a class you will not immediately start asking your teacher questions. First you will type your question out in the chat box and submit it. It will enter the queue and your teacher will address it. 
  2. Once your question/s have been answered you are free to leave the classroom. 
  3. Should your question get answered before it has been formally addressed you are also free to leave the class.  
  4. This will be the process for the first few classes. As you and your peers progress through the course you will notice that you may not need as much help anymore. Please be patient and courteous to your
    teacher and fellow classmates.