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Antonietta Ramagnano

Principal, UVA School

Antonietta Ramagnano has been teaching for 15 years, and has a vast wealth of experiences in education she brings with her to UVA. Having completed her Undergraduate degree at the University of Windsor, obtaining a Bachelors of Political Science with a minor in History. She then went on to complete a Bachelors of Education from Niagara University in Ontario and a Masters of Arts with a specialization in Global Studies from the University of Athabasca.

Mrs Ramagnano has taught elementary and highschool in Europe (Italy). She has also been an ESL teacher and linguistics coach for a multinational American company. She has many years of experience in curriculum development and instructional design. Her passion is teaching the social sciences, ESL and English

Antonija Murphy

Principal, UVA School

Antonija has been a teacher for 15 years. She is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers, with primary focuses on Guidance and English studies. Possessing multiple degrees from the University of Toronto, Seneca@York University, Niagara University, and a master’s degree in communications from the University of Western Sydney Australia. Her passion for teaching and for her student’s well-being has made her not only a dedicated educator but an inspirational leader.

Antonija brings her knowledge of diversity and different learning styles, as well as an unparalleled passion for her students to the classroom, helping her students achieve and exceed their goals. Antonija has completed her Principal course with The Ontario Federation of Independent Schools and is continuing to use her knowledge and upgrading her professional skills to ensure that all students receive the best education and support.

Besides managing and ensuring our school curriculum meets or exceeds the Ontario Government’s Provincial standards, Antonija has also built a partnership with the “Downie Wenjack Legacy Schools Program”. This program provides students with focused education regarding First Nations and the “Truth and Reconciliation Act”, as well as up to date curriculum and resources. Antonija believes that all students deserve the chance to receive a quality education and is currently in the process of creating partnerships with Ontario First Nations communities to help provide quality education that understands and supports the needs of various communities in Ontario.

Leia Ger M.Ed, Ed. Admin.

recruitment manager

Over the past 20 years, Leia has focused her career on special education student advocacy and curriculum development to suit individual learning needs as well as in the development of counselling and assessment strategies. As an educational leader, she has gained tremendous success in establishing Learning Strategies Programs that offer a stimulating and safe environment where students can grow intellectually, physically, and emotionally.

Since 1991, Leia has successfully led Ger Educational Consultation Services where she offered consulting services to Ontario independent schools. In addition to her work as a consultant, she also was Director and Owner of the Hamilton Learning Centre from 1990 through to 2006. As part of the Hamilton Learning Centre, she was also Principal of Lawrence College for exceptional students where she developed curricula, appropriate modifications/ accommodations, and technological support services specific to individual student needs.

More recently, Leia has been focused on helping establish new private schools, setting up administrative systems, school structures and leading the growth of a positive school culture.
At this point in Leia’s career, she works mainly with online schools and consulting to schools who are growing their online programs.



Working with UVA School has allowed me to give lectures on OSSD credit courses to Chinese students, and has been an enjoyable and enlightening journey. Not only the students, but also me as a teacher, have learned a lot in the process of communicating with Canadian teachers and I have been able to grow as a teacher through Professional Development they have offered.


Ms Murphy and Ms Zhang have amazed me by their strong sense of responsibility and dedication to teaching and the students in the program. The teachers respond to students’ questions promptly, regardless of the considerable time difference with compassion and constructive feedback. Ms Murphy, in particular, not only emphasizes students’ academic performance but also pays close attention to their mental health development, and provides timely and positive advice. The students feel blessed to be taught by Ms Murphy. Likewise, it is a great honour for me to work with the incredible teachers and staff at UVA School.


Kirk Sutherland


Kirk Sutherland is a Toronto-based Canadian artist. He has exhibited his work under the representation of many art galleries internationally over the last 30 years. Many of his pieces are included in both private and corporate collections globally. Kirk Sutherland is known for working with the Hollywood Film Industry, creating and designing public art in urban environments and working with the music industry creating album cover designs.

He has been teaching for over 20 years in many capacities. Including college, high school, workshops, lectures seminars and guest speaker, portfolio preparation, as well as course development and localized courses creator. He taught at many schools teaching visual art, media art, fashion design, historical techniques and critical disciplinary theory.

I am currently a faculty member at the Avenue Road School of Art. He teaches and lectures on Contemporary Art and Modernism. 

Sutherland graduated high honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) in 1991, majoring in Contemporary Art and Drawing and Painting from the Faculty of Experiential Arts.

Michelle Zhang

Student Service Manager

Michelle graduated from University of Western Ontario in the Business Administration program. She has experience working in Colleges as a student services advisor in the International Student Dept.


Leia Ger M.Ed, Ed. Admin.

It has been my honour and pleasure to serve as principal of UVA School. The time has come for a new direction in my career path. As I step down as Principal of UVA and into my new role as Director of Education and Recruitment I know I am leaving the school in good hands. I would like to congratulate Antonietta Ramagnano, a long time teacher with our school, in her new position as principal. Antonietta has been a principal at other private schools and has shown her dedication to students, staff and the betterment of education; thus ensuring that UVA continues in good hands with our students best interests in mind.


Leia Ger

Antonietta Ramagnano

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to UVA School in Ontario, Canada. Our Ontario Certified Teachers are all forward thinking in their approach to education. With over 50 engaging Ontario Secondary School courses offered, students have lots of choices as to what they learn and how they learn. Our English Language Institute provides excellent programming for English Language Learners from ESL courses, tutoring.

At UVA School we also proudly prepare students for excellence, focusing on entering the fields of Business, Engineering and Technology. Guest professors and visitors in these disciplines will further enhance the learning opportunities for all our students. The UVA teachers will prepare our students through knowledge acquisition, thinking and writing skills to excel in the university of their choice and eventually the careers of their choice. Our objective, through our high academic standards and rigorous educational program, is to make our graduates successful in any university in Canada and around the world.

We are very proud of our student body, with local and international students learning side by side and challenging each other to be the best they can be by thinking globally. The UVA staff and I can’t wait to welcome you to our school.