International Students

Who are International students?

International students are students who currently do not have Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residence. International students range from any age and any location. International students have the advantage of achieving Canadian education from their home country, on a full-time or part-time basis.

The Importance of Canadian education

Unlike other western counterparts, Canada offers a high-quality education that is globally recognized at a comparatively less expensive rate. Canada’s high academic standards are one of the reasons international students study in Canada. In Canada, education is typically seen as an investment that will lead to future benefits for both the individual and society. One of these benefits is increased employability. Higher levels of education are often associated with higher employment rates.

There is a strong relationship between income and education, as high-income Canadians tend to be highly educated. Over two thirds (67.1%) of the top 1% have attained a university degree. In contrast, one in ten of those who had a post-secondary certificate or diploma below a bachelor’s degree made it into the top 10%.

Why Study Online?

There are many reasons to study online. Every student approaches school differently and learns at different paces.
UVA School was created with that in mind. Here are a variety of scenarios that we would consider for a student(s) who could benefit from studying online

Students who want to receive international education recognition

Students who plan on studying in Canada for any post-secondary schooling

Students who plan on immigrating or work in Canada

Students who want a better understanding of their courses with a visually intuitive learning system

Students who wish for personalized attention from one on one live classes with a teacher

Students who want the flexibility to learn from anywhere and at any time


UVA School has ESL courses that are exclusive to international students. ESL (English as a Second Language) courses will help you strengthen your current understanding of English to help you be on par with Canadian students.


The Moodle System

At UVA School we use an online learning platform called Moodle which is an LMS system to conduct classes. This system personalizes learning environments for students giving them direct access to all of their course material through their Moodle account. The benefit of using Moodle is that students can access it at any place or time regardless of their location.

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